Accommodation will be provided to the delegates (on Advance Payment basis). The registered participants (with accommodation) shall be provided standard accommodation mostly in the institutional guest houses, semi deluxe hotels, deluxe category hotels available to the Organizing Committee in different places of Guwahati city. This accommodation shall be provided for 4 days, i.e. from 7th February, 2018 (9.00am) to 11th March, 2018 (9.00am). Since such accommodation is limited, the principle of first come (in respect of registration) first served will be followed.

Those who need accommodation may write to the Joint Convener of the seminar in advance indicating types of hotel they needed, number of persons and exact period of stay. The minimum charge of institutional guest house is Rs 500/- per person/day, semi-deluxe category double-bedded hotel rooms is Rs. 800/- per person/ day, and deluxe category double-bedded hotel rooms Rs. 1000/- per person/day (Non-AC) and Rs. 1,500/- (AC) per person/ day. In the case of booking, the entire amount has to be sent to the Organizing Committee in advance with the registration fees. The scheduled conveyance between place of accommodation and Seminar venue at B.Borooah College shall be provided by the organizer during the period of the event.