Change is inevitable, and the greatest challenge we face today is change in climate, environment, human migration, land use impacting livelihood, health and well-being. The process of change involves people, resources, environment and development. Development interventions aiming at more sustainable livelihood and sustainable resource management, must be informed by both an inner perspective and a perspective addressing the macro context with its impact on livelihood, as it also refers to the challenges of food security and access to fresh water and energy, while land and water contribute to the healthy and sustainable management of the agriculture system, the role of forests cannot be underrated. The over exploitation of resources like water and forest has lead to the problems like increases water scarcity and man-animal conflicts that directly impacts the environment and indirectly the livelihood of the people especially of rural communities that are directly dependent on their immediate natural resource base. To cope with the multiple problems related to climate changes, deforestation, over-population, migration etc., sustained effort will be required through a collective force and shared vision.